Paint has changed, so has the need for a pro!

Not that long ago, legislation required paint manufacturers to eliminate toxins in paint. The new low or zero V.O.C. paints dry rapidly, usually within ten minutes to the touch with a one to two hour re-coat time.

That might sound great, but a problem has come with it!

Due to the rapid drying of paint, the need to paint with a “wet edge”, changes the way a smart painter works. Here’s why…

I have seen cases where ceilings look like they need another coat, but re-coating, even with a primer, does not change the way it looks. The reason is, somebody painted it in the last five or six years but they left a significant amount of “dry edges”. That leaves a texture on the ceiling and painting it doesn’t get rid of it.

Due to the housing boom, many builders and renovators are using labourers who are not skilled painters. Just because everybody and their brother, has done some painting doesn’t make them a pro. If they have not made the necessary adjustment to deal with the new technology in coatings, the risk of a poor quality job goes substantially higher.

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