Painting Fences, Decks and Patios

I build fences, decks and patios. I paint them too and I have a strategy that will make your deck last substantially longer. Read on.

It is imperative the surfaces of pressure treated wood are sanded thoroughly before applying any paints or stains. If this step is done poorly, or skipped entirely, the paint will peel. Guaranteed.
Ideally, the wood should be sanded with a palm sander, or pressure washed, and painted before the fence, patio or deck is constructed. You’ll not only achieve a superior longer lasting paint job, it could be substantially cheaper. Now there’s something!

Here’s another trick; let the wood sit on the job site, covered, for a while before building the deck. If you plan ahead, you may significantly improve the quality and longevity of your deck.

All surfaces need to be painted in order to protect the wood. If the underside of a deck is unpainted the wood will rot. It makes no difference what you do to the visible sections of the deck. And one more thing, you might like the look of a stain, but it is useless for preserving the wood. Save your money and the effort and skip staining.

The Greatest Deck in the Neighbourhood

The process I use for preserving wood in decks and fences extends the life of the structure by two times. Seriously, and it doesn’t take that much more effort or materials. It’s more than worth it.

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