Condos, townhouses and houses

Pro painter serving homes, condos and townhouses in Etobicoke and West Toronto.

I have done work in many homes, condos and townhouses in the west end of Toronto. I have excellent product knowledge and use the right product for the situation. It matters! Preparation is paramount for the longevity of the work; clean, sand and let the right products dry sufficiently. Sherwin-Williams can match colours from another manufacturer’s colour system.

Most of my work is from referrals but I welcome new clients who want to freshen up and customize their personal space.

Make it nice!
Estimates are free. Call Paul at (647) 203-4457.

You can paint any time of year. Paint dries to the touch in 10 minutes and most are virtually odor free. You don’t need to air the place out.

A considerable amount of our work comes from real estate agents and home owners with a property for resale. Reselling is about presentation, and efficient expertise can make a difference!

Liberty Village is a great spot for community, especially those who work in downtown Toronto. If you’re buying a condo in Liberty Village for the first time consider adding a wi-fi booster when you paint and furnish.

Marina Del Ray is a beautiful lakeside development in Etobicoke. Our work for owners includes more than just painting as significant repair is required for units that have not had it done primarily on windows. Townhouses and condos built in the last 15 years have unfinished drywall and caulking and/or weak workmanship. I fix it, make it look good and make it last.

Call for a free quote; Paul at (647) 203-4457 or email