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Here’s what’s up Toronto. It’s winter!

Too much rain!

The rain Toronto has seen this winter could be a problem for many basements. The heavy volume on frozen ground makes a basement wall the route of opportunity for flowing water. Don’t let it happen. Get $18 downspout extensions and extend them as far from the building as possible.

Call me and I’ll get it done for you.

When you’re ready to add new life through colour and design. Call me, it’s Paul at (647) 203-4457. Paint your home and office, make it nice!

Stay warm

Windows can be caulked on the inside at any time. Seal all the gaps including the very large space under and above window and door frames. Take a good look and see what’s going on. Call me and I’ll drop by to fill it in professionally.

There’s life!

There are lots of things going on in the world of painting. Yes, that might be a little hard to believe as you’d think it’s the most uneventful thing in the universe. But what customers get has changed. One aspect of my work is I’m recommending my clients choose at least a mid range quality of paint. The quality of paint affects several variables but the primary one is durability. It also looks better. It’s subtle, but it matters.

My focus is to provide a good quality paint job with good value. I keep my estimates tight so you’re only paying for actual time and material costs. I like to do the work in a professional way that accounts for durability,  longevity and appearance. You might not care a week after the paint job is done, but you will later.

Selling your home?

I do quite a bit of work for real estate agents and clients listing their properties. How can I help?

I work on Etobicoke and other Toronto residential properties; townhouses, condos and many different types of homes. The experience with these properties makes a difference especially on condos and townhouses built in the last twenty years. They need work and it’s not just because they may be unfinished. There are many flaws with both drywall and carpentry. They need a professional touch with caulking and primer on baseboards, casings and stair stringers. Something that looks good permanently and doesn’t have to be dealt with ever again.

Paul (647) 203-4457. Referrals available.

When you choose Custom Quality Painting, you get my professional service. The bulk of my work is referrals, because I’m reliable, professional and know how to paint well! Quotes are free.

I like to do prep. work properly, with the right materials so it lasts. I come across a lot of issues on paint jobs that are directly attributable to somebody painting over caulking that wasn’t dry.

You name it, I’ve seen it. Then I fix it.

Colour; it’s tricky!

pick-and-colour-and-lets-paintColour is light and anything that affects light affects colour. Take Sherwin-Williams colour City Loft. In a high rise condo the colour looks grey with perhaps a subtle hint of green. But in a different space the colour can look beige, a little green and a surprisingly yellow. Why is it so different in one place from another?

Think of decorating and the use of colour this way. A can of paint is $40-$50 and painting the walls of a room is 4-5 hours. A fancy light fixture could be $150-$250 or more and installing it is 2.5 hours. Which option makes more sense? Perhaps doing both meets your objective.

I’ll install light fixtures and ceiling fans for you too.

Whites are now a hiding issue

Many light off white colours are problematic for hiding (in two coats). It’s a pain.  If the colour has even a hint of warmth (red and yellow hues) hiding will likely be an issue. A primer or third coat may be required. Technically, using a tinted primer is cheaper but it guarantees three coats of work as one top coat won’t cut it.

I have experience with numerous colours and I can provide resources for you to in your colour selection process. Sherwin Williams has an excellent presentation on their web-site for choosing colour schemes.

I recommend home owners choose one or more colours using the paint manufacturer’s glossy brochure(s). Those colours have been used and recommended by designers so you can’t go wrong!

Get a brochure from the paint store.

White and off whites work better with lighter coloured floors rather than dark hardwood.

How much money do you spend to sell your home?

Home sellers like my service as they attempt to maximize the selling price for their property without “breaking the bank” in the process. And here’s something else; I can advise on how you can manage the entire process from moving furniture, cleaning, staging and of course the paint job.

I’m particularly interested in keeping my client’s costs down.  In the spring 2013 newsletter, one suggestion under home maintenance was to make sure the eaves troughs were working and downspouts were far enough away from the building to keep water out of their basements.

Smart investing saves money

How many people wish they had taken a few minutes and spent only a few dollars to do this prior to the gigantic July 8th rain fall?

I saved a client from undertaking an unnecessary $25,000 basement water proofing project by cleaning a downspout, and adding a $13 downspout extension. I like to do little things while painting that make your home ready for the long haul with no energy on your part.

Call me (they call me Paul) at (647) 203-4457. Estimates and consultation cost some of your time only. I can refer some excellent honest hard working real estate agents as well as other specialists including general contractors.

Painting Etobicoke, High Park, Swansea, Sunny Lea and the Kingsway. Expert professional painting.