Paint your place. Make it nice!

Quick note Toronto house owners; walk around your property and check there are fully extended downspout extensions. If you don’t, the odds are water will get into the basement. Go and buy some downspout extensions at Lowes. They’re cheap and worth the effort.

I’m always eager to get into a job and work the transition. I like to make it nice! Tell me what you’d like done and I’ll take care of the hard work and details. Call me for a paint job well done in  Toronto.

It’s Paul at (647) 203-4457.

My work is professional and reliable. Call or text to set up a free estimate. Full estimate provided once I have inspected the property and understand your specifications.

Many references available. I’m growing my business as customers see the fit. How can I assist?

When you have me over to look at your property ask me about replacing door stops, vacuuming in the heat vents and caulking gaps and cracks.

Selling your property

I am an expert in getting properties ready for sale including condos, townhouses, homes and offices.

I’m in and out and you’re ready to get the sign on the lawn. Yes, there are certain elements to this type of work that require expertise not the least of which is good organization. I’ll give you the benefits of experience so you have an effective presentation.

Income property

There are an increasing number of properties being made available to lease or rent. I understand what landlords and property managers are looking for. Tell me what you need and I’ll get it done.

Moving in?

Let’s make it nice. Your colours in a  good quality paint so it looks good and lastsy.

Lots of experience and plenty of referrals available.

Call me, I’m Paul (647) 203-4457.

And if you’re a real estate agent, I’m good with the clients. How can I help?