Getting your property ready for resale

Ok, lots can be said about the subject matter of buying and selling a home, getting the home ready for resale and moving. For the moment, I’ll keep it simple and share some thoughts from my experience with hundreds of homes I’ve helped get ready for resale.


Start throwing things out ahead of time. Not a couple of days but months ahead of time. Start with the end in mind with some kind of visual on what the property will look like when it has been staged for resale.

Don’t start painting until everything that is being moved out of the property has been moved out. Seriously, you can do it. My price for painting the property is considerably lower if I can actually move around to do the work.

Have some fun!

Moving is a great time to start fresh. Dispense with the idea that everything you own has some incredible value. It’s just stuff. You can make a list of what you’ve thrown out and buy new. Your property will net you a lot of money so use it to your advantage. Get rid of that old frying pan and save moving costs and your time. Never move books and paper.

Have some fun with the process.