My Toronto painting service

Professional decorating services including painting and colour/design consultation. I am the Etobicoke Painter, working on homes, townhouses and condos.

Call Paul for estimates on properties in Etobicoke and the west end of the G.T.A..
References from home owners and agents are available (647) 203-4457.

Have a painting or design question? Email or call (647) 203-4457.

I’m on Twitter @etobicokepaint.

How to redecorate the way you want

Consider the use of the space, the type and amount of light, furniture, art work and carpeting. How does texture fit in?Decorating your home, office restaurant or store is more than just picking a colour. It’s about creating a space that feels right and drives relationships.

stairway-to-heavenFor more call Paul; (647) 203-4457. Our email is

Free estimates in the Toronto west area. Referrals will be serviced outside this area.

Call for more information; Paul (647) 203-4457.

Tips On Hiring a Painting Contractor
Home owners who hire a contractor can achieve the results they want by focusing on two steps in the paint process; the estimate and preparation prior to the start of the work.

The Estimate or Quote
Be specific! Specify the sheen and depth of colour (light, medium and/or dark) and the difference in colours between rooms. Pick colours ahead of time.
Specify the level of preparation. Don’t beat the contractor down in price and then rake them over the coals later for not doing a higher level of preparation. Quotes are for time and more work equals more time and a higher price.
Hiding or coverage and imperfections of the surface painted can be reduced by using lower sheen paints. Use white ceiling paint for ceilings to achieve better results.
If changes are being made after the paint job is completed state what they are if they are relevant to the painter’s work.

Preparing For The Work
Please provide all colours and key details ahead of the start of the job. The estimate is based on completing the specified work efficiently.
Remove valuable and fragile items.

Lets chat. Call Paul at (647) 203-4457.


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